• Firm History

    Autotrasporti Sartori was born in 1955 thanks to Sartori Pietro who begins his activity transporting construction materials from the city of Piacenza to the localities scattered in Valtrebbia and Valnure.

    This activity has always managed with engagement and dedication starting from first years '80 from his sons Silvano and Giuseppe that are specialized in the transport of inert materials, not dangerous wastes, clay, operative vehicles and containers, the covered and served area is not only neighbouring but it begins to increase and also the fleet adapts itself in the time to the demand for job is with the number that with the types of means.

    Today the main center is situated in Piacenza, Gabriel Villani street n° 1 and it is taken care of the management and the transport of all the inert materials and not, to exclusion of the traffic container that comes managed directly from the branch (office) of La Spezia, via Piano di Vezzano n° 1, opened in January 2006.

  • The Seat

    The center of Piacenza, of new construction, has 1.400 mq of covered area, where they lodge the offices and the shed for means shelter. It is in the center that the brothers Silvano and Giuseppe manage the company.

    The company vehicle park is composed of several types of means, from the various characteristics: dumper trucks with half-trailer, balances with half-towings, balances with extensible half-towings, balances with half-towings for the transport of operative blot, balances and engines authorize to transport not dangerous recoverable refusals, balances with silos for transport of loose material, endowed engines of arm cranes that allow us to carry out transports of varied nature, always trying to supply "an excellent" service to our customers.

    In order to guarantee such service, the company is proposed on the market both with own means and third party. The company is regularly enrolled to the rubbish manager register, carries out transports with balances and engines of every type of rubbish pertaining to 2 class F category (recoverable NOT dangerous). Always at your disposition, with desire to make possible your request, our offices are opened from the monday to the friday from the 8,00 to the 12,30 and the 14,00 to the 19,00 and saturdays morning from the 8,30 to the 12.30; for information and estimates, you can contact to us without engagement to our email addresses and/or to our telephone numbers.